The gesture tames: the color comes
The gesture tames: the light is born
The gesture channels: the energy pierces

Along with and perhaps even echoing, a musical career, Caro FLEURY began painting at the age of 24 in 2004 in the studio of two painter friends trained at the Etampes School. Since what she calls "love at first sight", Caro "has been working hard to discover and shape this talent. »

She inherits her love of art from her family, one of whom was a sculptor in Rodin’s workshop, but for her it is new territory. For her, art is where she can be reborn through the medium of gesture, where she feels more free than with words, where the unspeakable can be expressed. Her hand guides her to meet herself, others and the world. Whether her hands play the piano or hold a brush, Caro probes the mystery of things, staying in touch with reality while offering her artistic touch: enabling emotions to emerge in bodies and in things.

From one canvas to another, it reveals another way of understanding questions: "Who am I? and "Who is it?" », Questions to which philosophical answers were not enough. Painting is the medium for her to deal with her own battles, with herself, her life, her “desire to fight” through pictorial matter, colours, giving the painter a piercing gaze on human beings. These others to which Caro gives a voice, a song or a cry, when she paints them.
"Your silence does not protect you" postulated the writer Audre Lorde, giving voice to the oppressed. With her painting, Caroline Fleury brings down the armour and the walls and wishes to give a voice to this oppressed part that lies dormant in each of us.

Caro’s art has led to found an association to bring out the artistic talents of young people from the city where she lives. This openness led her to take an interest in graphics and illustration, collaborate with a photographer, approach street art, and make oneself accessible to all, making beauty possible for all. This approach does not take her away from painting, but honours her need to explore all means of reaching out to others, whatever their culture.

"The remedy for melancholy is music and beauty" Alfred de Musset.

Painting remains the space to "live", "explode", transform and find its light. “I may be black on the inside, but my painting is not and when perceived by others, it can touch, console and join them in some way.” Caro Fleury has something to offer.